Introduction to all 12x12cm Courses

Congratulations you have taken the first step!

I am pretty excited to have you join me on this new adventure! You can engage as little or a much as you want in all the steps! the main thing is you enjoy, and take time to create something that makes your heart sing!

The booklet in this course (which you can download onto your computer and print out if you like) will give you some nice reading and some reflective exercises and a print out with a grid to start your first mini painting!

There is also separate .jpf and .pdf files of the gridded photo ready for you to download and print out or use on your tablet or computer.

Each of these projects will take you between 1 and 2 hours to complete, depending on what details you want to achieve. There are instructions on how to paint it in full photo realism.

There are some great questions and reflections throughout, This is the first special edition eBook which is being released at this time (of Covid 19) to help us all manage our worlds!

Creativity is the best way to help us through I say! Hope you enjoy!